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NOTHING SCARES ME will make you pee your pants - either ‘cause you’re scared out of your freakin’ mind or you can’t stop laughing! It’s an adrenaline-pumping, hair-raising ride that makes you feel like you’ve survived a scary AF haunted house… but can’t wait to go back in again because it was so damn fun.


As female directors and writers under the Rebel Minx banner, we love to push the envelope - we’re twisted, raunchy and “wrong,” yet oh so “right.”  You’ll root for our wonderfully weird and flawed characters as they’re forced to face our kick-ass never-before-seen scares and unexpected turns.


Even though we emasculate the shit out of our main character, Christian, we wrote Nothing Scares Me as a love letter to Special Effects Artists - the unsung heroes behind the scenes, the geniuses spending hours whipping up guts and goo and delivering it on a bloody platter to horror fans like us.



Twisted with dark, irreverent humor.  Fast, fun, and relentless.  Just enough time to breathe so you don’t die.



Claustrophobic, like you’re in the house along with our characters.  A focus on vibrant special effects. The film will be shot in 2D with an eye to 3D so we can create a 3D version in post if possible.



True to the haunted house aesthetic, the colors are bold, over the top and surreal. Bloody reds, rotting greens, decaying yellows, all tied together in an arsenic-laced pink bow.  The addition of a dark malevolent smoke brings gravitas and danger as we go.



Eerie voices, echoes and music playing through the loudspeakers, ambient signature haunted house sounds and a good dose of heavy metal, 80s rock and Dolly Parton vibes.

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